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From: "Annie, The WritingTeacher" <>
Subject: [DNA] Oppenheim's book discusses mates of Y
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 08:57:53 -0800

I noticed Oppenheim's latest book on the Real Eve discusses mates of Y. He
puts Inos or "I" Y chromosome as a mate of HV as well as H and V along with
"Ruslan" or R1a as they move across the Caucasus from Central Asia. He also
puts the ultimate root in or near India for H, V, and R1a1 and I is noted as
being native to Europe the longest. He calls I "Inos" and matches I with H
as a mate. It's on the people of Europe chapter on Y chromo in Oppenheimer's

I've seen other sources placing Rb1a1 with H in the Basque country, but
Oppenheimer puts Inos or "I" with H and HV.

Anne Hart
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