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From: "Barra McCain" <>
Subject: [DNA] Fawkes DNA
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 13:14:16 -0600
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Yes, it is interesting... the further you get from the Home Counties of
England.... the less the Guy is known... by the time you get to the Celtic
bits of the Isles. The Guy is a hero and you have Halloween instead of Guy
Fawkes Day. Penny for the Guy, Penny for the Guy. I have spent many
Novembers in the Isles.

I was also sympathetic to the Guy. A hero in my book (of a pitiful sort of
course) A man with a plan, and also an inability to keep a secret.

Tweedy.... old Cymraeg Celtic name, Twad or something close to that, means
to Swell or Flood, names goes back to the when what is now Scotland was
still Celtic speaking. A clever family as the progenitor is a Celtic river
god according to legends, and I say, hard to do better than that.

Are the Fawkes and Faux families mostly Rb1?

Yorkshire.... a fine place indeed.

the wretched Mr Tweedy

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