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From: "Barra McCain" <>
Subject: [DNA] R1bs, etc...
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 17:34:35 -0600
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I will tell our fans something interesting.

In my own DNA surname project... I had a High Resolution Match. But even
before I knew of this DNA match... I had seen photos of the family that I
matched to, they were from the other side of the Big Water. I was shocked a
the similar physical appearance. Same hair, eyes, look, way of standing,
facial features.

Mind you my family split off from his over 280 years ago. So when my
results came in.... I was not surprised to see the High Resolution Match.
Just shows you how spot on the Y chromosome test can be, and how it can
confirm all your years and years of paper work.

this is just a pleasant little anecdotal story,

Mr Tweedy

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