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From: "Sue Waite-Langley" <>
Subject: [DNA] Science Fair Time
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 00:23:30 -0600
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Hi all, I need some help. My daughter is beginning work on her science fair
project for this year and has decided she wants to do something with DNA
testing. She's only 13, but...she has mastered and understands the Fluxus
software and has listened to me talk about genealogy for many years so has a
good grasp of the use of Y DNA testing. Soooo...I have a couple of

She is considering testing the question...

Can a genetic map of English towns and common haplotypes found there be
generated using historical (from finished DNA testing) Y DNA test results
from men with proven descent from 17th century English families and using
this map can the results of new Y DNA test samples be predicted with any
degree of accuracy where a 17th century English origin is known?

Does this make sense? ;o)

AND...would those of you with results fitting this profile be willing to
share them with her so that she can build the map? She would need just the
values and the 17th century town of origin in England. any of you have kits coming back from the lab in the next month or
so that fit the profile that she can use as her "experiment" make
her predictions with before the results are known to her?

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