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Subject: Re: [DNA] Questions about celtic/and Saami People
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 12:06:42 EST

Len: Thanks much for the Saami "info." Since I have been trying to study
the Saami "religious practices" I also noticed the similarities with the
American Indians. An interesting thing is that they both have the religious
"animism" structure. Of course, we know that the Saami were brought to North America
as recently as the late 1800s, I believe.....Alaska. But the similarities
would be very ancient, which is fascinating to me. Now, just recently, I find
that I not only have the Saami mtDNA, but I have fairly recent (late 1800s)
American Indian connections!! I did not find the A.I. connection through a DNA
test, but through a genealogical "find."

Seems to me we have some fairly pure Saami folks up in the Seattle vicinity.
It would be interesting for us to have our DNA matched!!

One has to be a detective, that is for sure. And not "just" a scientific
detective but an all-around detective's nature!! I'm not educated along these
lines, but it certainly is exciting to piece these things together.

DNA researching can be FUN!!!! And exciting for us all.

Barb By.

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