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From: "Barra McCain" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Celtic and Atlantic Modal Cluster
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:22:39 -0600
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you do such a wonderful job of speaking for me, barely a need for me to post
ever. One slight problem you keep talking about apples when we are on
oranges. Your points jump all over the place and you assign views to me
that are the very opposite of what I say.

attributing points to me that I never made. Really. let's not do that,
shall we?

To quote you....

"" To assert that those who meandered in the direction of Turkey in the year
10,000 BC were Celtic is really stretching things - would you not agree?""

No one said that David, not even close.

There were no Celts in 10,000 BC. That is pretty basic stuff. I
thought you knew that.
I did not know I would need to go into such basic detail. The whole string
of chat has been the Point that Celtic culture developed to large extent
from a pre-existing population, which happened to be R1b. The development
of Celtic culture did not happen to much, much later (European history 101),
circa 2,000 BC or perhaps 1,600 BC we find it 'there.' You can argue the
point of when these people became to speak Celtic languages, and develop
their culture.

Mr Tweedy, the poor wretched Mr Tweedy to be exact. who is slightly
dyslexic, so you will have to reverse letters on occasion.

Ex animo.... quid pro quo... etc.

Mr Tweedy never pulls chains unless he's through with his business...

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