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From: "Gary Rea" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Celtic and Atlantic Modal Cluster
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:29:04 -0600
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Consider that the Celts migrated westward from Asia Minor to the British
Isles and the Iberian Peninsula, and you have the reason why R1b is found
"across Europe."

Gary Rea
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Subject: Re: [DNA] Celtic and Atlantic Modal Cluster

> Gary Rea <> wrote:
> >According to this, anyone who is AMH 1.15+ is in the Atlantic Modal
Cluster, >and that is still considered to be "Celtic.":
> I really don't know how many times John, Shane and I as well as others
must state the obvious, relecting the work of Semino, Wilson and many others
that R1b (AMH, AMC, or whatever - take your choice) is found across Europe.
All studies agree (this is not a subject of any controversy whatsoever among
the cutting edge researchers in the field). To repeat, R1b is found
throughout Europe - it is not just Celtic. If most Bavarians are R1b, then
are you going to make them "honorary Celts" - they are in no way Celtic by
any stretch of the imagination - but they are majority R1b.
> There seems to be a simplistic view prevalent here that is being fed by
the people at Oxford Ancestors who will find a willing audience to
uncritically accept their "Celtic seal" on the 10 marker haplotype, present
customers with a fine looking certificate (worthy of framing as a work of
art) attesting to the "fact" (but which is entirely worthless as far as a
scientist such as myself is concerned since it does not take into account
the complexities in the matter and the wealth of information available in
the literature).
> David F., Rb1, but not Celtic.
> Dr. David K. Faux, P.O. Box 192, Seal Beach, CA, 90740, USA
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