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Subject: RE: [DNA] Haplogroup distribution in Surname studies
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 15:03:29 -0600
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In our Stephens-Stevens SURNAME study at FTDNA...out of 19 participants and
13 kits analyzed, we have the haplogroups...
10 R1b's (76.9%)
2 E3b's (15.4%)
1 R1a's (07.7%)

In our experience, if SURNAME coordinators believe their Anglicized SURNAMES
are of European derivation before their project(s) are initiated...then you
may be in for pleasant surprises like we have to learn our Stephens-Stevens
are not entirely European......


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Subject: [DNA] Haplogroup distribution in Surname studies


Most people think Parkins and Perkins are Welsh names. I know I did when
I started our study. Afterall, my Father and his twin were named Denval
and Densal, rather Welsh names. However, with some hints from John
Chandler, I found this was not true. In following the Celtic Haplogroup
thread, I looked at the current Parkins and Perkins suggested haplogroup
assignments. Here is what I found:

13 I1b, 13 R1b, 6 R1a, 1 G, and 5 unassigned (those five appear to be a
family group).

Does anyone with over 20 results have an outcome where 80% or more of the
results are assigned to the same haplogroup? I wondering about the
average haplogroup diversity in the surname studies.


Steven C. Perkins

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