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Subject: Re: [DNA] 25/25 match - different surname
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 16:29:28 EST

In a message dated 11/5/2003 12:50:29 PM Pacific Standard Time,
We have a 25/25 match with a different surname. Both are in the J2
haplogroup. I've tried to find info on the significance of such a match, but haven't
had much luck. Can anyone tell me if this match is worth looking into further?
Is the J2 haplogroup a common one? Where I can I learn more about the
different haplogroups and their places of origin?

We are instructed to ignore any matches with other surnames, however, if
either of you have no matches within your surname group, but match each other,
there is a chance that someone in the line was adopted or a name change occurred
in the line. It doesn't hurt to compare notes to see if you can find where
the families were in the same place at the same time to try to find a common

The pages provided for your test results at will give you
some information as to the recent and ancient origins of you Haplogroup and
Haplotype. Click on all the orange tabs and scroll down to see what it says
about your matches and near matches.

Julia French Wood

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