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Is there a web site where we can see your celtic artworks?

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> Who knows??? One might get an idea of what they looked like by
> referencing a photo in "An Illustrated History of Europe", Frederic
> Delouche, General Editor, Barnes & Noble, 2001 wi/arrangement by
> Castle & Cook, p. 41. A picture entitled "A Ritual Chariot", and the
> description "Small threating figures on a ritual chariot made of iron,

> found in the necropolis of Hallstatt in the Austrian Alps. This site,

> unearthed in 1824, was an important mining centre and a trading-post
> for commerece between central Europe and the Mediterranean." This
> book is an excellant overview of the period "From the Tundra to the
> Temple" as one section of the book is entitled. Check it out and I
> think you will find an excellent general reference book for the
> developement of Europe.
Thanks Maurice,

I'm always on the look out for new books on the subject. The appearance
of the Celts is more than just a passing interest for me. For the last
10 months I've been working on two sculpting projects, accurate
depictions of Celt warriors from the Hallstatt and La Tene periods. Here
are some other books I've found useful:

Celtic Art, Megaw
Beyond Celt, German and Scytian, Wells
The Barbarians Speak, Wells
The Celtic World, Green (ed.)

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