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Well, from the recent discussions, I think there are only 3 choices in
how you look - Celtic, East Asian (including NA), and SSA. If you don't
have black skin or Mongoloid eyes, then you are clearly Celtic:))

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Subject: [DNA] Celtic looks

How come everyone in my family looks Celtic? Dark hair, fair freckled
blue/gray eyes or red and auburn hair, blue or hazel eyes, freckles,
They come from places that you'd think wouldn't have Celtic
Malta, Alexandria, but also Black Sea ports, etc. Nobody has olive skin
yet they lived under very sunny conditions...but the mtDNA shows most
sequences show up in N. Europe. So you never know....My grandchildren
red-brown hair, blue eyes, pink skin...their dad comes from Aleppo. His
family has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Anne Hart
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