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From: "Gary Rea" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 25/25 match - different surname
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 20:59:00 -0600
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Your 25-marker match with someone of a different surname indicates that your
MRCA lived long before the advent of hereditary surnames, thus the data is
genealogically useless.

Gary Rea
Project Administrator
Rea Surname DNA Project

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> We have a 25/25 match with a different surname. Both are in the J2
> haplogroup. I've tried to find info on the significance of such a match,
but haven't
> had much luck. Can anyone tell me if this match is worth looking into
> Is the J2 haplogroup a common one? Where I can I learn more about the
> different haplogroups and their places of origin?
> <
> Jeanne,
> We are instructed to ignore any matches with other surnames, however, if
> either of you have no matches within your surname group, but match each
> there is a chance that someone in the line was adopted or a name change
> in the line. It doesn't hurt to compare notes to see if you can find
> the families were in the same place at the same time to try to find a
> ancestor.
> The pages provided for your test results at will give
> some information as to the recent and ancient origins of you Haplogroup
> Haplotype. Click on all the orange tabs and scroll down to see what it
> about your matches and near matches.
> Julia French Wood
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