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Subject: [DNA] Re: GENEALOGY-DNA-D Digest V03 #675
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 22:47:16 EST

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> How come everyone in my family looks Celtic? Dark hair, fair freckled
> skin,

Anyone who has freckles had the gene for red hair. I think this is a clear
Celtic characteristic. The Romans said that eleven people out of 100 in the
British Isles had red hair. This is about the highest in the world. The
Vikings, who probably carried much Celtic ancestry, were very much active in the
Mediterranean, as can be seen in the many blonde, blue-eyed Sicilians.

Some on the list seem to forget that Haplogroups are determined by Y-DNA
(male line ancestry only), whereas everyone has 1026 (if I remember correctly)
ancestors 10 generations back. This gives plenty of opportunity for Celtic (or
any other) characteristics to emerge, especially if the gene pool has remained
small (in which case some would have fewer than 1026 ancestors due to


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