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From: "John Barron" <>
Subject: [DNA] Barron Family DNA Project
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 08:45:13 -0600
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Are you a male Barron who wants to leave a lasting legacy for the future of
your family name? Or, do you have a male Barron cousin who wants to help us
in understanding our past? If so, read the following carefully, then
contact me with your information.

Several of us contemporary Barron males are about to take the plunge into
the world of DNA. All of us have heard about DNA and its ever-increasing
usefulness in fighting crime and human disease. What some of us might not
be aware of are the advances in the use of DNA for genealogical purposes.

FamilyTreeDNA is a Houston, Texas-based company which specializes in the
adaptation of DNA testing for assisting family historians in their research
into the past. The company currently has hundreds of surname projects with
thousands of participants, each of whom is willing to help their fellow
family historians in the extension of their knowledge into the past. Under
a special group discount arrangement, FamilyTreeDNA is assisting us in
launching our Barron DNA project by offering their high resolution, 25
marker kit for $177. Under this arrangement, the company will mail to the
home address of each Barron male participant a DNA kit. After a simple and
fast swab of the subject's mouth, the kit will be mailed back to
FamilyTreeDNA for their analysis.

The results of the DNA tests will be made available on the internet for
interested Barron researchers. They will help us in our efforts to unravel
some of the mysteries of time. If two or more Barron participants match 25
out of 25 markers, then it can be stated with reasonable certainty that a
common ancestor existed for all such participants, possibly as early as the
latter part of the eighteenth century, or even into the nineteenth century."

The tests to be used are the same as those used to determine that the
descendents of Thomas Jefferson's slave, Sally Hemings, were fathered by a
Jefferson male, except that the Jefferson/Hemings tests were 8 marker DNA
tests, compared to our much higher resolution 25 marker tests.

We have met the minimum for launching the Barron DNA project, but the
viability and usefulness of the project is directly proportionate to the
number of participants. The more we have, the better our research becomes!

The first participants are as follow:

Participant Name

Name withheld for now
Caleb 1797 > Almon 1832 > Adolphus 1862

John Barron (b. 1938)

John W. 1850 > Ollie 1879 > Calvin 1910 > John

Name withheld for now
Samuel 1767 > Agesilaus 1801 > Preston Averice 1827
GA > MS > LA > TX

Name withheld for now

Name withheld for now
William, Sr. 1740? > William, Jr. 1769 > Smith 1805 > John Wood 1832
GA > AL > TX

Name withheld for now
William, Sr. 1740? > William, Jr. 1769 > James S. 1791 > James Turman

We know, of course, of many more Barron lines than are represented above.
Some of the Southern Barron lines that have been discussed at various times
on the Barron Circle are as follow:

1. William Barron m. Prudence Davis - the well known Georgia line.

2. Joseph Barron m. Sarah Stacy - from MD to eastern TN, some went to
KY, some stayed in TN, apparently the parents of James m. Jemima.

3. Archibald Barron - came to York Co., SC, before Rev. War. Large
family whose descendants moved all over south.

4. James Barron - the "other" York Co., SC, group which came from MD
and from which the Alexanders in Giles Co., TN, and northern AL sprung.

5. Barnabas Barron - this line came from Edgecombe Co., NC, and went to
northern GA with descendants all over.

6. John Barron m. Susan Mattingly - from MD to Harden Co., KY, and were
parents of Capt. Thomas Hudson Barron, Texas Ranger and father of 20+

7. Samuel Barron m. Jane Miller - may be son of William & Prudence,
sons went to MS and descendants all over.

8. James Barron - Rev. War naval officer in VA, may not have any male
descendants with surname.

9. Thomas Barron - Lawrence Co., AL, with descendants in MS and TX
including Britton Barron.

10. Dr. Hendley Barron (and brother Jesse) line in VA from MD and perhaps
to NC and AL.

While some of the lines above are covered by our initial six participants,
many are not. If you know of additional lines to the above ten and/or if
you know of a male Barron descendent who would be interested in
participating in this revolutionary project, please contact me. I'll be
pleased to contact the individual directly, or answer any questions about
the project.

The FamilyTreeDNA website is at I encourage
you to review all aspects of this project and to pose questions to the
circle or directly to the company. Of course, there is absolutely no
financial remuneration to any Barron researcher directly or indirectly
connected to this project who may be serving as an administrator or

As a final note, I recognize that not all Barron researchers are convinced
that this "DNA approach" is necessary for us to extend our knowledge into
family history. But most of us have encountered "brick walls" at some point
in our search for paper trails to prove our Barron heritage. DNA testing
offers us a new resource and opportunity to further our knowledge about our
Barron lines. We will be more than willing to share the results with any
Barron researcher, regardless of their initial opinions or positions on this
DNA project

There will be three Barron Surname Administrators who will assist in the
direction of this project and dissemination of the results: Vicki
Kruschwitz, Patrick Childress (both Barron descendents with ancestors
settling in East Texas) and myself. I will serve as Chief Administrator and
will be available for any and all questions.

We look forward to some exciting finds in the future and wish to extend our
thanks to the initial six male Barron descendents. We applaud your decision
to leave a lasting legacy for the many family historians of the future.

John Barron

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