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Subject: [DNA] 25/25 match - different surname
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 11:58:02 EST

There are many reasons why males with different surnames may match on a Y-DNA
test. An obvious reason is that the name has changed in small increments
over the centuries. Our Renshaw DNA project is also testing Renchers because
some of the Renshaws became Renchers. We have learned that the name may
originally have been Ravenshaw, which is quite far from Rencher although the two names
share an initial letter.

Another reason for shared DNA by males with different surnames is translation
vs Anglicization. I remember reading somewhere that the surnames Beacham
and Fairfield are the "same" name. The original name was French -- Beauchamp.
It was Anglicized to Beacham and translated to Fairfield. There must be many
paired surname derivations like Beacham and Fairfield. One that comes to mind
as I write is Venable and Hunter. I believe both are derived from Venator,

We found seven matches in our 12 marker DNA tests on the Renshaw list and
have ordered four 25 marker tests. So far, two 25 marker tests have been
received and are a perfect match. We are considering marking one of these as
"public" in the FTDNA files to see if we match anyone outside the project who carries
a name which might bear a relationship to Renshaw.

Eleanor Everall Gordon
Renshaw DNA Project Co-Administrator

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