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From: "Kay Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 25/25 match - different surname
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 15:19:17 -0600
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Eleanor, this is a very good point. Especially for US families when so many of our ancestors changed or Americanized their surnames. I have read somewhere that our name of Martin was one of the most often adopted in colonial Virginia. That probably means we will eventually have matches with many people of different surnames - but maybe fairly "closely" related (if you consider cousins living in the early 1700's "close").

>>We found seven matches in our 12 marker DNA tests on the Renshaw list and
have ordered four 25 marker tests. So far, two 25 marker tests have been
received and are a perfect match. We are considering marking one of these as
"public" in the FTDNA files to see if we match anyone outside the project who carries
a name which might bear a relationship to Renshaw. <<

This may be getting OT, but in our Martin group, I think almost everyone has made their results public so that they personally would be notified of any match. They don't notify the group Admin of the match unless they are the one who checked the right box... I'd be afraid something terribly exciting would come along and the person with the public records would be off on an extended vacation. :-)


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