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From: "Roger Newman" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA Haplogroup A
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 19:37:26 -0800
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My mtDNA is 5 mutations. 111T, 223T, 290T, 319A, 362C

The mtDNA line is Skagit Native and then to I believe a Tsimshian Native
from British Columbia. How a Tsimshian woman found her way into the Skagit
Tribe I don't know. Maybe slave trade that was going on at the time. I know
that the Northern Tribes made visits to Puget Sound. How often the Puget
Sound tribes made visits north I don't know. I do know the Puget Sound
tribes feared the Northern Tribes.

I also have Snohomish and Cowlitz on my mothers side but not in her mtDNA
line. I'm thinking about seeing if some of my mothers cousins would be
interested in DNA testing to check the mtDNA lines, unless you know that all
Puget Sound tribes are Haplogroup A, I won't brother with it.

Shelton, Washington
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Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA Haplogroup A

> A = Aiyana. It's one of the World Clans (outside of Europe). It's
> Native North/South American or East Asian. My husband is also Haplogroup
> A. What are your mutations from CRS???? He has 4 mutations: 111T 290T
> 319A 362C.
> According to the diagram we received from Oxford Ancestors, Aiyana is an
> off-shoot from Lara (Africa), along with Xenia (West Eurasia and N/S
> America), Nene (East Eurasia), and Naomi (Central and West Eurasia).
> The world clans listed on the diagram are: "Mitochondrial Eve", Layla,
> Lungile, Latifa, Lubaya, Lila, Limber, Lingaire, Latasha, Lara, Lamia,
> Lalamika, Malaxshmi, Emiko, Gaia, Chochmingwu, Djigonasee, Makeda, Nene,
> Xenia, Aiyana, Naomi, Ina, Yumi, Fufei, Helena, Velda, Jasmine, Tara,
> Katrine, Ursula, Una, Uta, Ulrike, Uma, Ulla, and Ulaana.
> At 10:05 PM 11/6/2003 -0800, you wrote:
> >Which of the 7 daughters of Eve does Haplogroup A come from? It isn't one
> >of the 7.
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