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Subject: Re: [DNA] different surname WILKINSON
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 08:51:08 +0100
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Just to build up on your information: When one of my ancestor entered the US
around 1880, on entry documents, his name was spelled neatheart and
nightheart, later on niteheart to finally return to the original spelling of
Nithart 15 hears later. The fact that often these people could not
read/write well and spoke Alsacian (a sort of German dialect) mostly explain
the phonetic spelling. First names were also modified/changed to sound more
as an English/American one, probably as a desire to assimilate more
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> Off-topic but for what it's worth: I have a photocopy of a Fauquier
> County, VA record entry in which the Court Clerk transcribed/spelled
> the man's name *five* different ways in the same entry!!
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> I don't think that is off topic. I think that record is a perfect example
> the reason we need DNA test. In most cases the 5 misspellings will be on 5
> different documents -- and DNA test can sort out the truth.
> Grant
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