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From: "Kay Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Public vs Private
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 02:53:17 -0600
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My thoughts exactly. I encourage all of our Martin's to check or uncheck that box (whichever applies) and learn of any matches. I've even had one of my Martin group - and my husband's Martin family - get a notice that a new test taker with a different surname matched on the first 12 markers. Of course, he didn't when the rest of the markers were tested, but my point here is that only one out of FIVE Martin cousins go that notification about the newest fellow. Not at all sure why that worked as it did... I would have expected all of us to have gotten that notification. On the same subject, my husband got a notification of a 23/25 match with another man (different surname) that the others in our group of 5 did not get. Maybe the other fellow only took the 12 marker test... I don't know. I think it's good to have your own settings marked public so you will have the chance to meet and talk with any possible cousins.


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From: Bonnie Thomas Chaffin
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Subject: [DNA] Public vs Private

I'm waiting on two different sets of Y-DNA results to arrive. I have read
about FTDNA's choice of private vs public for those results as it pertains
to their database. What am I missing? Why would one not make those results
public in hopes of finding matches?

I understand comparing them to the surname group, but wouldn't the database
be a possible information source as well?


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