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But Julia, without encouraging those men to follow the paper just a little, might they be missing relationships with a DNA proven cousin that will be very provable on paper? I really think we will all find cousins who are provable with different surnames - eventually, as this all grows. A for instance:

I had ancestor Simon _____ who came over from Holland or Poland in the 1600's. He decided that no one could pronounce his name, so he adopted Van Namen for a surname -"of Namen" I assume. Simon who had four sons, each of whom changed the name a little - Van Name, Van Namee, Van Ame and... I think, just Ame. Who knows how their sons may have changed it further. So now today we have hundreds if not thousands of descendants of Simon in the US - maybe ALL with different surnames - and all of them might get traced back to Simon... or they might trace back to Simon's father or brother, which kept the original name. My thought on a 25/25 match with same haplowhatever is to make friends with the other person and start digging. They may hit a dead end road, but they might have a wonderfully rich and satisfying journey, too.


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Thank you for answering Julia.

Does that mean if we are of a common haplogroup we can have 25/25 or 24/25
matches on the Y-DNA?

Yes, I have one 25/25 match, six 24/25 matches and many 23/25 matches with
other surnames. And in one of my lines I have 153 exact matches with 12 markers.


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