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From: "Kay Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Public vs Private
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 03:24:23 -0600
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But Julia ... and Julia, I sure don't mean to be picking on you tonight! :-) I have been researching our Martin line for 23 years now and I have a ton of great paper documentation. For sure, a few holes, but I knew a lot of general info on my husband's Martin's. ALL of whom were from the southeast... VA, poss NC and TN, but mostly they went from VA to KY and west. Then a few months ago a gentleman from NY wanted my husband to take the DNA test with him. Their cousins! He had a loose paper trail from VA to GA to NY and can now show the paper proof of his line back to their common ancestor, but what if he hadn't (or I hadn't) gotten that far? This DNA stuff is all so new, and people of all levels of genealogical experience are coming into it. You just can't take two young men, one whose Great Grandfather was born in SD and the other who was born in south TX and then rule out a relationship. They have what will probably be decades of research ahead of them to determine that. T!
his is just the first step for any matches out there. They don't have to change their lives to follow this quest. Just do their genealogy as they normally would, but maybe contact their match from time to time and see if their research is getting them any closer together. Don't you think?

Nor can any of us rule out that our 5th Great Grandmother had her children take their step-father's name, took in a neighbor's baby to raise, or even had an affair. If two people match 25/25 or even 23/25, I'd certainly want to keep in contact with that person.


It is possible, but everyone who has contacted such a matching person has
found nothing in common. When you are so close to the most common markers, the
odds are that you will get false matches. That is were the paper research
comes in. I can tell you that I have five matches in my own surname and we can't
find our common ancestor because he is so far back that we haven't gotten that
far with documents.

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