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From: "ernest hurst" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Public vs Private
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 06:55:24 -0500

I'm sure that many/most folks have more experience and knowledge on this
than I do, but I just thought I'd add my two cents worth on our small (11
participants, so far) Hurst surname group (not "my" project - I'm just a
participant). Everyone in the project has taken the 25 marker test. There
are five 25/25 matches, all descended from Hursts in 18th century Virginia,
who were *thought to be* related but not absolutely provable.We are still
not 100% sure of the exact relationship of some of these, only that they
were related somehow. There are also two 24/25 matches (one # off at 485 &
three #s off at 385b) who are also descended from Virginia folks. One of
our 25/25 participants (Bill Hurst, whose computer is on the blink or he
probably would have weighed in here) has been designated as R1b (via SNP
test) so I guess we all are probably in that haplogroup. We also have three
participants in a British group who were *thought to be* related to the
Virginia group, but the tests proved otherwise, and one other participant
who is apparently not related to anyone else.

In FTDNA database there is one other "non Hurst" 25/25 match (marked as
public), who I believe is probably related somehow, due to the area where
he was & fact that there were recorded marriages between Hurst & that
surname. This has not really been "explored" but probably should be. There
are several "public" 12/12 matches which have not been explored, and no
telling how many that are marked "private". I do not believe that a 12/12
match with our 25 marker participants is worth "exploring" unless there is
some obvious possibility/proximity and then the person should be encouraged
to upgrade, to see exactly how close they are. I know I'll probably get
some flak over this, but I don't see any reason, at this time, for anyone
taking the 12 marker test, or for not upgrading if they did that test in
the past. Too much is "left unsaid" with a 12 marker test. I'm hoping that,
in the future, FTDNA wil expand their testing even more (maybe to 40 or
50?) to help clarify existing 25 marker tests. I know some people have a
hard time justifying the cost of a 25 marker test (maybe even a 12 marker
test), but I'm sure there are others, like myself, who would pay for more
markers from FTDNA.

I believe that Jeanne got this thread started with her question about a
25/25 match, in haplogroup J2, on people with different surnames. I still
haven't heard much about J2, nor can I find much on the net (other than the
Cohen modal lineage connection), compared to other more common haplogroups.
Jeanne and I are both descended from one (maybe both??) of the families
that she was referring to, so I have an interest in this also. I'm pretty
big on speculation, but I believe there "may have been" some connection
(18th or early 19th century) between these families - I'll leave that
research to Jeanne, since it's her surname project, or to others who can
participate in that project by being tested.

Ernie Hurst

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> So, does having a 25/25 match with another surname mean that you *do*
have a
> common ancestor, but just too far back to be genealogically relevant... or
> is it just a coincidence and there is no relationship at all?
> >
> It depends on how common your Haplotype is. Mine is common, so I have
> matches, however if yours isn't common and you have no other matches and
> to get one 25/25, it is worth looking into. However, if you have
> even one in your own surname that should be more significant. There is,
> no way to know except to contact the person to see if your ancestors were
> the same place at the same time as theirs.
> Julia
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