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Subject: [DNA] A reminder about quoting
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 11:20:02 EST

This is a message I sometimes send to individuals when I see lots of quoted
material. I've seen several instances on the mailing list recently, so I'll
just post a general reminder to explain the importance of trimming quoted

Hi --

It looks like your e-mail software automatically quotes the entire message
you're responding to. You may not even see it, but by now, you're quoting
messages which quote messages which quote messages...

This has some side effects for RootsWeb mailing lists: it makes it awkward
for people who read the Digest form of messages and have to scroll down and down
to reach the next message, results in a lot of redundant hits when searching
the archives for key words, and adds to the load on the mail servers and
storage capacity at RootsWeb. The mailing list archives store threaded messages, so
anyone who wants to backtrack to the origin of the thread can do so.

If you can see how to trim quotes to just enough to set the context for your
reply, please do so. In this particular case, your message stood on its own
merits and you didn't really need to quote anything at all :)

Another way to handle it would be to start a brand new message (instead of
replying), putting in the address yourself, and
perhaps a new subject line if you're branching away from the original topic .


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