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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] What is the maximum time testing should take?
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 16:01:33 -0500
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Why type of DNA test? I have had a lot of delays recently in getting
DNAPrint test results. The DNAPrint test is done for
by the lab. But the Y chromosome and mtDNA tests are done
by the Univ of AZ lab. The Y-DNA and mtDNA tests have been arriving very
timely, i.e., in about 5 weeks. But the DNAPrint tests have been taking
2-3 months to get results.


Joe Cook wrote:
> I have one participant in my group who still has not received his
> results in almost 4 months. Has anyone else had tests take this long to
> return? This is through FTDNA. I understand that in some situations the
> testing has to be redone, but what could cause such a long delay?
> Thanks!
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