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From: "Roger Newman" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA Haplogroup A
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 13:41:18 -0800
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I hope you didn't drink the water in City of Shelton, we are still boiling
it. As for teeth I lost them long ago, so I can't get them checked. I had
exchanged e-mail with and with another man with the same
match in the FTDNA database whose mtDNA was from the NA in Puerto Rico.
Interesting how wide spread DNA travels. Wish more NA get involved so we
could get a better picture.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA Haplogroup A

> Roger:
> You're in Shelton - I was just there on Wednesday this week. :)
> No, we haven't had DNAPrint done. Reading through the
> of others, I'm not sure how accurate the test is. We don't have a lot of
> money, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can. It would be interesting
> to see how much might come up as NA, though - and how much would be
> considered EA. He should have 25% NA through his mtDNA line, but then
> another 6% NA through his mom's dad's side (Passamaquoddy Tribe in
> Maine). It sounds like the latter might not show up on the test at all
> (based on other information posted here on the list).
> We initially had both of our testings done through Oxford
> Ancestors, but I've ordered the kit from FTDNA to re-do his Y-line so we
> can have 25 markers (presumably a Scottish line), and then also have the
> additional mtDNA markers for his Haplogroup A results. Results from FTDNA
> usually take, what, a month? My results so far have been CRS - but I'm
> interested to see if that holds true with the additional markers through
> FTDNA. Christmas is coming up. May do my extra testing after the New
> Interestingly enough... everyone has been talking about the
> "shovel incisors". I checked my husband, and he has them (very
> pronounced). Our older son's teeth are shaped more like mine, but the
> inside is still "shovel" - just not as drastic. Our younger boy still has
> his baby teeth. On the inside, mine are more like "spoons" than a
> "shovel". It's funny, though... I talked this all over with my mom, and
> she had never thought someone might have different teeth than her (she was
> very shocked at the extreme difference between hers and mine). She
> actually has very pronounced "shovel" incisors with one addition - a
> sharp shard protruding at the top of each one (says she's actually cut her
> tongue on them accidentally in the past). I haven't heard anyone talk
> about that variation yet. Wherever that comes from, it would presumably
> on her dad's side.
> As far as your 223T mutation, I've seen that in a lot of
> Haplogroup A results posted on the internet. I haven't seen in Haplogroup
> A, however, very many of the 111T mutations like both you and my husband
> have. The 362 seems to show up in a wide variety of different
> though.
> In just doing a quick search, did you know, Roger, that you have
> an exact 5-mutation mtDNA match with (it's actually her
> father's mtDNA that was tested)??
> [Something to think about... there's a drastic need for more
> Native American foster homes for Native American children. Get the word
> out! :) People interested in Washington State can apply through me.]
> Take care!
> -- Amelia

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