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Subject: RE: [DNA] Interesting EA article
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 16:16:01 -0600
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The only way that this DNAprint is ever going to be credible is to tighten
up the variances and get repeatable results each time a test is rerun for a

Second...DNAprint needs to "bite the bullet" and do a series of tests on
people from known areas with known backgrounds and compile there results so
they clientele can use these results for comparative purposes....instead of
sending results to an unfortunate mass without any comparative information
and having them ask questions here about what their test meant..... There
should be no question about the results.

And finally....they need to include a fourth African quadrant as there is a
whole continent that has been left out......which has been brought up here

And if it is not too much to ask....can the test be redesigned to tell what
type of EA, NA, or EU they have tested....If I were NA...would I want to
know if my background is Sioux, Cheyenne, Seminole, or Apache.....


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From: Raymond Whritenour [mailto:]
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Subject: [DNA] Interesting EA article


Your message piqued my interest enough to read this whole article. It
turns out that the author's case studies are VERY DIFFERENT from what we
are led to believe by his opening two paragraphs, which speak ONLY of
"Indian-American roots" and "men, women and children from the Indian
subcontinent." In fact, most of his examples appear to be people from
the "East Indies"--quite a different category. And, they would, as you
say, test as "East Asian," if we could rely on DNAPrint's assumptions

Still, the genetic contribution of these very, very few people could
hardly account for the significant percentages of "EA" being found, in
great numbers of people, of all races, in North America and elsewhere.
This is a "drop in the ocean."

Ray Whritenour

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