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From: "Gaila & James Merrington" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] What is the maximum time testing should take?
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 12:28:45 +1100
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Perhaps if his swab wasn't good enough to get enough cells to process the
DNA from. It might take extra time to "replicate" his DNA
This is what the lab sent to us when they received my husband's sample
"Typical times between receiving kits and the availability of lab results
for various tests are:
12 Marker Y-DNA - 4 weeks
25 Marker Y-DNA - 5 weeks
12 to 25 Marker Y-DNA Upgrade - 4 Weeks
mtDNA Tests - 5 Weeks
DNAPrint Tests - 4 Weeks

These times are for tests that have a successful outcome from the first
run at the lab. Approximately 85% of the first runs are successful. The
tests are rerun on the other 15% until a good result is obtained.
Unfortunately, each rerun adds two weeks to the process.

We understand that the delay is frustrating to participants. When a delay
occurs, your sample is being rerun as many times as it takes to achieve a
successful result."

I would contact FTDNA and make sure they haven't lost it after 4 months or
at least determine the cause of the delay.

Subject: [DNA] What is the maximum time testing should take?

> I have one participant in my group who still has not received his
> results in almost 4 months. Has anyone else had tests take this long to
> return? This is through FTDNA. I understand that in some situations the
> testing has to be redone, but what could cause such a long delay?
> Thanks!

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