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From: "Debby Peare" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Various haplotypes in one family
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 08:48:37 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
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Haplogroups are mtDNA
haplotypes are Y-DNA
Both are different things.
The first you get from your mother,
the second, from your father.
The first can be handed down to BOTH male & female children of that
particular woman but ONLY the female child can pass it down. The second, is
only passed down through the Y-chromosone which is a male ONLY passing.
So, your male cousin will have his father's Y-DNA and HIS mother's (not
yours) mtDNA.
The only thing I can see out of this that will help you is, since he's your
cousin, is if his mother is your mother's sister.... then the mtDNA will be
the same.... that will prove that he indeed is your aunt's boy and your
cousin. If, you are related by his father being your father's brother, then
it'll prove that indeed, he's related to your father. (Not necessarily to
you, unless you have a paternity test taken.) If, he's related to you by his
mother being related to your father....then an mtDNA test can prove HIS
relationship to your father because his mother & father have the same mother
and the same mtDNA.... but your's will be from your, a
paternity test will prove your relationship to your father.
But, if he's related to you by his father being your mother's
d take a mtDNA test to prove his father has the same mtDNA as your mother
AND then a Y-DNA test to prove that he is his father's son. Thus, related to
you as a cousin.
So, as far as haplogroups go, you are only from the one your mother is from.
.. which will be the same as your mother's mother....your mother's mother's
mother and so on. You are NOT from any haplogroup from your father's mother
as he can't pass on her mtDNA... so the only way you can prove a MALE
decendant from your haplogroup would be a brother of your's....or a brother
of your mother's.
*WHEW* I think I have that correct....and I'm sure that if I don't, there'll
be plenty of people to correct my boo-boos here! There are some very
knowledgeable, helpful people here.... and they are great at answering
questions! :-)
Hope this helped!

Warm Regards from Maine,
Debby Peare

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Date: Saturday, November 08, 2003 10:12:33 PM
Subject: [DNA] Various haplotypes in one family

Hello -- I enjoy reading this list, and was wondering about something. I am
in the process of having the haplogroup of my mother's father tested through
one of my male cousins. So far, each of my grandparents has come out a
haplogroup -- H, J2 and K. I suspect the last one will also be different.
So -- knowing that I am descended from all those groups, would I just label
myself as the dominant haplogroup I received from my mother -- H, although
only one-fourth of my heritage? Does my father's K and J2 have equal
Just something I've wondered about -- and would enjoy seeing other's
Tia Chang

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