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Subject: RE: [DNA] Y chromosome haplotype "I"
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:05:25 -0000
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Hi Annie
Perhaps you would like to comment on FTDNA's website which says "I" spread
DOWN from Viking populations

Quote from FTDNA
>I1b This line was derived within Viking / Scandinavian populations in
northwest Europe and has since spread down into southern Europe where it is
present at low frequencies.<

We know that it is found to the greatest extent in the Saami population at
42% - note that the Laplanders are not Vikings
Those Vikings who visited Croatia, Macedonia and Albania must have lived up
to their name (R & Pillage) if they left such a widespread genetic legacy -
or is the other explanation - that the ancient peoples travelled UP i.e.
spread up North more likely?
Croatian 45%
Macedonian 20%
Albanian 19%

I think that if we try to solve a genealogical brick wall with DNA evidence
and assume that I is Viking we are sadly looking in the wrong
genealogical/geographic directions.

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Subject: [DNA] Y chromosome haplotype "I"

Interestingly Y chromosome haplotype "I" is found in the Balkans and Ukraine
and appears to be in Europe for the longest time, since the Gravettian
33,000-36,000 years ago. It's mate is HV also found in the Transcaucasus and
Balkans/Ukraine spread very early to Western Europe and after the Ice Age
concentrated in NW Europe, having left the Ukraine very early moving West.

So that today it's found mostly in NW Europe, particularly Scandinavia.
There's a section on page 146 of Oppenheimer's book The Real Eve on
haplotype "I" as being the only type found almost exclusively at the present
time in Europe and not likely to have come from the Levant like 'J' Y
chromosome haplotype or' K', which came from India. The ultimate homeland
for all the European Y chromosomes was always either India or the Gulf
(Arabian Gulf/Zagros Mts. Sumeria). For female lines U centers in the Gulf
more than India and HV centers more on India, Central Asia, the Caucasus,
and the Ukraine. All of the Eastern haplotypes "native" to the Ukraine for
33,000 years have gone to Western Europe by 10,000 years ago. So that R1a1
which started out in the Ukraine with I, now comprises a majority percentage
of Basques and Celts as well as Scandinavians. With the M17 mutation, the
origin goes back to Central Asia by way of Ukraine West, and India before
Central Asia (51,000 years ago). Central Asia opened up 40,000 years ago and
was on the route to W. Europe.

J1a1 is native to the Levant. Q is NA and also EA. O is native to India but
found in Europe. There was a migration of many soldiers from India to
ancient Rome around 200 CE.

Anne Hart

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