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Subject: [DNA] Mitochondrial DNA Concordance new URL
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 07:13:33 EST

As I mentioned last week, I contacted John Dawson re the website for the
Concordance. He was away, but he checked the situation on his return. The old URL
was Here's his note:


The bioanth people have (without telling me) changed the name of their
server to www so the concordance is now at

I'm sure you're already aware that it has been greatly superseded by the
FBI site, which *should* be at

though they keep taking the site away for security reasons.

Best wishes, John Dawson   


I am greatly relieved :) Any newbies who haven't looked at this site will
enjoy it, I'm sure. You pick any one of your mutations (best to be in the
classical 16024-16365 range) and find the section for that mutation. Then look for
records which have ALL of your mutations, with the following caveats:

If you have mutations outside the classical range, you can still look at
records that match your other mutations.

You may also count records with an [o] notation (for omitted), e.g.
16024-16089[o]. That means the original article did not sequence that range, but in
most cases, your own mutations won't have any there, either.

The Concordance stopped updating in 1998, but it's still a good way to
determine if your haplotype is common or rare, and the locations where it has been
found. If you find a match in say Bavaria, it does not mean that YOUR ancestors
ever lived there, but you can get some idea of the geographical range. This
is all Just For Fun.

Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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