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Subject: Re: [DNA] Y chromosome haplotype "G"
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 15:19:08 -0500
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So far, of 38 Parkins or Perkins tested, 1 is HG G. 13 are I1b, 13 are
R1b, 6 are R1a and 5 are Unknown.


Steven C. Perkins

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Y chromosome haplotype "G"
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> Can anyone tell me what the chances are that my Perkins line came up as a
> "G" (I can not find them before 1817 in either PA or VA and the father of
> my John is suppose to have been born in MD) and now my husband's Horton
> line which is strictly southern came up as a halotype "G" although it was
> my grandson who did the DNA test (his mother is scandinavian). Should I
> have my husband's DNA tested? I know it is suppose to be passed strictly
> down the male line but it just seems odd to me since "G" is rather unusual
> in England.
> Would love to have your thoughts on the matter.
> Jackie
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