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Subject: [DNA] I haplotype Y chromo didn't spread down first. It spread west first & up Balkans
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 15:59:42 -0800

I haplotype didn't spread down from the Vikings until almost at the end of
the Viking era. It spread west from the Balkans first and north first from
the Caucasus to the Ukraine. At the end of the last Ice Age I haplotype Y
chromosome, not I mtDNA, was trapped in the Ukraine. It had come there from
the Caucasus and Turkey, as a mate of HV. Before the Caucasus, it lived for
36,000 years in Central Asia and the Russian Altai along with R1a. When it
spread from the Ukraine West, it populated Western Europe and took the route
north of the Black Sea through Lithuania and Latvia into the Saami and
Scandinavian population along with V, along with H and along with HV mtDNA.

It spread to southern Europe at first and then spread north. If you look at
the cline of migration, Scandinavia around 10,000 years ago was not
populated, Siberia was, and the Saami people were pushed north by a new
migration out of the Balkans and the Ukraine, haplotype I Y chromo. It also
filtered down, but much later. The Viking lands were being populated between
6000 and 3000 BCE. Otherwise, I went from Ukraine to NW
Europe/Germany/Scandinavia with H and V mtDNA. Among the Saami, you find
high percentages of I, Y chromosomes but also of V mtDNA. You also find
higher percentages of Saami-specific DNA, inluding a special mutation of U5
specific to the Saami.

So you get I chromosome coming in different directions. 1) From Ukraine to
Scandinavia and Germany. 2) From the Caucasus to SE Europe/Balkans. 3) From
the Altai to NE Europe/Baltic area....The homeland of "I" has usually been
during the Ice Age in the Ukraine and Balkans, and pre-Ice Age in Western
Asia right next to R1a. Remember the Saami people were pushed north right
after the Ice Age ended by people coming from E. Europe and Central Asia.

So it may be found among the Vikings, but the Vikings are not native to the
uninhabited Scandinavia. They were inhabited by the original peoples who
lived in the Ukraine and the area around Latvia/Lithuania before Western
Europe was inhabited. The R1b1 Atlantic people came from the Levant to
Spain/Basques, and then up to Ireland/Britain, etc....after the Gravettian
wave from the Ukraine made its way to the same areas of Western Europe
33,000 years ago. The Cro-Magnon Aurignacian peoples of 25,000 years ago
mostly represent the R1b1 types such as Basques and Celts. Germans and
Eastern Europeans also contributed to Scandinavian ancestry. The original
Levantine peoples include the J1a1 types. O in Italy came from Northeast
Asia along with either the Chinese merchants brought back by Marco Polo to
Venice in the medieval era as well as the various tribes from Central Asia
who settled in Europe from the 4th century to the 13th. Also, Genghis Khan
was said to have mated with hundreds of Western European women in Germany,
Italy, Poland, Hungary and other areas of Europe. So the sons would carry
the "Khan" marker which is O. There is a chapter in Oppenheimer's book on
the 'travels' of O Y chromosome and also reference to an article on
northeast Asian Y chromo in Europe.

My best references on this would be documenting the travels of I and O and
other Y haplotypes in Oppenheimer's The Real Eve.


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