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From: John Coats <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Frequency of R1a with Norse Surnames in the British Isles?
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 17:39:29 -0600
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Peter; Ours came out R1a, and our surname is Coats, which we believe is
British Isles in origin. Yours is an excellent question, since says R1a says this is a rare haplotype. I do not
believe FTDNA has enough samples yet to say this is rare or not.
However, I only have one match, and I believe we are related. I think
your question needs to be sent to or,
whatever works.
John W. Coats

Peter J. Roberts wrote:

>Please let me know if anyone has a rough estimate of
>the percentage of those who are haplogroup R1a and
>from the British Isles and who have surnames of Norse
>origin versus those who are R1a and have surnames that
>are believed to be of non-Norse origin
>(Irish/Welsh/Scottish/Saxon etc.) Perhaps another way
>to phrase the question... What is a relationship
>between R1a in the British Isles and surname origin?
>Thank you and sincerely, Peter
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