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From: "Mark and Gary" <>
Subject: [DNA] Viking
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:37:17 -0800

Family Tree DNA describes the following 2 Haplogroups for the
Y-chromosome test 25 marker test.

"I ... The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to
northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within
Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central

"I1b This line was derived within Viking / Scandinavian populations in
northwest Europe and has since spread down into southern Europe where it
is present at low frequencies."

My question...does this mean that if you are in haplogroup " I " you are
NOT of direct Viking descent through the Male y-chromosome and that the
only Viking male descendants are restricted to haplogroup "Ib"?



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