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Subject: Re: [DNA] Need Help in Matching Y-DNA Markers
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 17:06:43 -0500 (EST)
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Julia wrote:
> 8998 -1324141111151212121313291791011112515192914151717
> 13443-1324141111151212131313291791011112515192915151617
> 12064-132414111115121214131329
> 11074-1324141114151212121313291791011112515192915151717
> I hope these number come through okay, but I need help in matching them.
> Notice the top person # 8998 and the bottom #11074 have mutations on only two
> markers, but one is a three step mutation. Do I count that as four mutations? I
> am puzzled by all four of these, can I count the top three as bridge matches?

On the one extreme, you would count that as four mutations, but the
genetic distance would be the sum of squares: 9+1=10. On the other
extreme, you would treat the 3-step difference as a (rare) 3-step
mutation that probably rates a distance of about 2 (not to be squared),
for a total distance of 3.

I wouldn't count any of these four as a bridge connecting any pair

John Chandler

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