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Subject: Re: [DNA] Rare? Polish? mtdna haplogroup
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:26:48 EST

In a message dated 11/13/03 8:52:03 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> Then for HVR1 mutations it listed the following: 16126C, 16209C,
> 16256T, 16294T, 16519C. I have NO idea what that means!

I agree with John that you will probably get a "T" because you have the motif
(theme) for that haplogroup with your 126 and 294 mutations. See Macaulay's
table (the 16000 part is stripped).

Your other mutations are variations on the theme, and they'll help you in
comparing your results to others.

> Now, my mother-in-law's parents were born in Poland in an area close
> to what was known at the turn of the century as Prussia. (My husband
> and his siblings have those beautiful blue mongol eyes). So ...
> 1. Is his haplotype difficult to establish because it is Polish (and
> therefore not as common to DNA researchers as it would be if from, say,
> the British Isles) or is it truly rare?

His haplotype is not found in the databases I checked. As you suggest, that
could be because Poland hasn't been sampled as thoroughly, but new haplotypes
are being discovered all the time, even in England.

> 3. Should I get an additional mtdna test run for him and if so should it
> be mtDNA refine or mtDNA plus? I would have thought that there would be
> no point in a refinement until he had a low res match?

No point in getting another mtDNA test at this point.

Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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