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From: Nancy DeVore Williams <>
Subject: [DNA] Polish mtDNA and mongol eyes
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 23:12:25 -0600

Thank you SO MUCH, Gary, John, Ann, Andi and Bonnie. You have given me
an excellant place to start for not only launching my research into this
project but for growing my own general and specific knowledge as well.
Without your help it would have taken me months (at the least) to learn
what I have learned from you guys in one day. What you have told me is
fascinating, it is amazing the doors that this type of research will
open. Undreamed of to someone who remembers when letters and trips to
the courthouse were the ONLY methods of research available. THANKS!

B.J., I hope this is not to off topic, and that others will feel that
this is relevant here. First of all, if anyone recognizes this trait
and can tell me a more PC name to give it please do. I don't mean to
offend anyone.

I use the term "mongol" to describe what you B.J. may be calling
"Russian eyes". Eyes that are ... I guess you would say narrowerer, not
as rounded. My husband, who is not particularly sensitive, has told me
of the persistent racial slurs and tauntings that he was subjected to
growing up (in the less PC 1950's & 60s). This teasing indicates that
the trait is so pronounced that kids thought that he was part oriental
(after 26 years together I can no longer tell you of it is pronounced or

Anyway, I have talked to and read about this trait from and with Polish
genealogists. The most popular interpretation seems to be that it is a
genetic left over from when Ghengis Kahn "conquered" this area many
centuries ago. Of course, I realize that the odds are slim that the
ancestry line that my husband Tom received his "mongol" eyes from is
also coincidentally his maternal/mitochondrial line. But it IS
interesting. So, any guesses, even roughly, what haplogroup Kahn might
have come from?
Thanks again for all of th help.

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