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We can trace the places named by St Bede in Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis
Anglorum - thank you Joe for the posting
> Those, who came from Germany on this occasion, were of the three bravest
nations, Saxons, Angles, and Jutes. From the Jutes are descended the people
of Kent, and of the Isle of Wight; and those who to this day are called
Jutes in the province of the West Saxons, situated opposite to the Isle of
Wight. From the Saxons, that is to say from that country, which is now
called Old Saxony, came the East, the West, and the South Saxons. From the
Angles, or the country called Anglia, (which is said to have remained almost
destitute of inhabitants ever since,) and is situated between the countries
of the Jutes and Saxons, are descended the East Angles, the Mercians, the
Midland Angles, and the whole race of the Northumbrians, who possess that
part of the island which lies to the North of the river Humber, and the rest
of the English People.<

Jutes - Kent
West Saxons - Sussex (West and East)
West Saxons - Wessex (Dorset, Devon, Somerset etc)
East Saxons - Essex
East Angles - East Anglia (Suffolk, Norfolk)

The origin of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Southern Danish
Jutland,Schleswig-holstein and North Germany and North Holland is contiguous
and we may probably never use DNA to differentiate between the geographical
origin of the peoples.
Note that in England in those days there was much separation of kingdoms
because the geography was different to today.
For instance the estuary of the Humber (behind which the Northumbrians
sheltered) was a greater obstacle between the north and south of England as
the English Channel is today.
There were many marshes. So the main tribes were geographically isolated in
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Hi, all. Those of you that are interested in the jolly old Britons, the
Jutes, Angles, etc., might be interested in the following URLs. Have fun.
Joe Hazel

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