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From: K Haddad <>
Subject: [DNA] Financial help for testing
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 07:10:43 -0800 (PST)

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Not sure if we are being a little too eager [or foolish] ... but a cousin of mine and my self, have pooled some funds together in order to give our Y-DNA study group a boost ... We would like to hear from other [loose knit groups / organizations] that are presently, and or have promoted any kind of a discount / special offers for their Y-DNA study group ?Ken Hedgpeth ~ Arcadia, CA ~ USAhdpth-DNA group coordinator______________________________

My DNA project has always been slow catching on. Right away a man in CA said he'd pay for the test of anyone who was serious about it but couldn't afford it. When I was told by a disabled lady and a retired lady on limited income they could not afford it, I told them that someone would pay for theirs. But they never accepted it. In both cases, I think these ladies were actually afraid of the anger or suspicion they might be the brunt of when asking their male relatives to do the test. I've mentioned the offer to others, and they did not respond at all.

I think there are other issues involved when people mention money. People can eventually afford what they want to afford. When I was widowed, I could save $5 or $10 out of grocery money, I could ask for money from relatives at birthday and Christmas time, and one way or another eventually I could save up a little for anything special I wanted to buy.

I have had people say they could not arrange for a test because they could not find a male cousin. So I spent all day every day for months helping these people find living male cousins (by working forward in time through censuses & people finders). I did this for about ten people. One made a phone call and the people she called were very excited about being cousins and invited her to a family reunion this fall. She has not followed up, and no one else even tried to contact their newly-discovered cousin.

I think there are two things involved in slow projects:

1. Most people like to get on the computer or into a book and copy other people's research so they can brag how far back their ancestors went, but don't take it as seriously as we genuine researchers do. And they're kinda interested in DNA, but only if it's handed to them.

2. Every family has its own personality because people train their children the way they were trained, etc., etc. Some families are more suspicious than others. Some are more curious than others. Some are always community leaders. Some are always in trouble. So, if you come from a family that is suspicious, for example, it will take a long time to get very many participants ~ years and patience.

Now "them's my sentiments" for whatever it is worth. I'd like to be proven wrong.


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