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From: John S Walden <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA K
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 11:44:25 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

At 11:02 PM 11/14/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>My father's mtDNA haplotype also was K, along with the same exact HVR1
>mutations. The HVR2's were only 263G, 315.1C, and 523- and 524-.

You should also have a 73G mutation for K
You might wish to check with FTDNA on this point
In my case they found the data entered wrong from the Lab
The Lab reported 73G but they did not put it in the data base correctly.

If you really do match the CRS on 73G you will have a rarer than usual K

John W

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