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Subject: Re: [DNA] Blue mongol eyes
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 10:24:22 -0800
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At 08:19 AM 11/15/2003, wrote:

>How likely is it that Genghis Khan actually left such a trace, and that it
>would be picked up so much later?

Remember that Genghis and his followers (referred to as "hordes") roamed
pretty much from Mongolia to what is now "western Europe". They left a LOT
of offspring along the way. Genghis had many children himself but he had
thousands of soldiers. The odds that your ancestry included him is
probably pretty slim - almost as good as winning the lottery this weekend.

You might trace your ancestry to Italy, where the Romans were his specific
target, or any other European nation and discover Mongolian roots mixed
in. I doubt anyone really knows the impact this group had genetically on
the Europeans. There were a whole lot fewer people there at the time so
it didn't take much to make a significant impact. You can figure that
about half the offspring they sired were males and the outward appearances
of today's descendents will have been melded over the many generations
since so they are pretty much indistinguishable from their neighbors, but
that Y chromosome will still test to match Mongolian ancestry. And female
descendents may well exhibit features the will appear from time to time
even skipping generations. It is all in the genes. That was the "melting
pot" of choice at the time.

The Americans and Australians will not have avoided this influence since
our ancestors, for the greater part, came out of the same European stock.

A citizen of China when asked about the Japanese genetic influence on the
Chinese population as a result of World War II said, "after a few
generations, they all Chinese". You might imagine that the Y-chromosome
testing in China today (and for generations to come) would show a fairly
significant Japanese influence. Such mixing happens with every war. We
can expect an upsurge in Iraqi ancestry in the next few years as soldiers
inevitably bring back wives (and husbands?) from their tours and leave
children behind. It always happens.

There isn't a nation in the world today that is not experiencing a remix of
their genetic material. It is sort of interesting to contemplate. We all
came out of the same stock and expended perhaps thousands of generations
evolving unique characteristics only to see it all being mixed together
again. One has to wonder how long it might take for our distant
descendents to all become one blended mixture once more.

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