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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Getting participants to join and then follow through
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 17:47:59 -0500
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FamilyTreeDNA is very flexible about the invoicing process. With them
you can order the kit for the person being tested and have the test kit
sent to the person to be tested separately and have the paper invoice
sent to you. You then keep in touch with the person who is doing the
test. When they tell you they have mailed in the specimen to be analyzed
you pay the invoice. You can pay it at that time by check or credit
card. I have done it that way several times and it works fine.
Especially in those circumstances when the person being tested was not
very excited about the idea of being tested. When you get people who say
the "haven't got around to it" or has "been busy" for a couple of months
at least then your cash is not tied up. In my Kerchner project I have
ordered 23 kits over the last 2.5 years and I only had to cancel one
because the person never did complete the sampling after saying they
would. But 2 or 3 testees of the group had to be repeatedly reminded and
politely nudged to do it every 3 weeks. One person took 3 months to
complete the sampling. At the end of several polite follow ups with that
person I said to him ... either do it or tell me you changed your mind
and are not going to do it and I'll cancel the kit. Just tell me what
you want to do. At that point he did it and he sent it in a few days
later. But for the most part the people in my project have been
cooperative and prompt in doing the tests. Probably because most of the
project members were people I had prior research contact with via
traditional genealogical research. But I did have to pay for about 1/4
of the tests myself as the price did give a few cause to hesitate and
think about it.


sj phdoc wrote:
> Next time I might try; "you pay for it and when the kit is returned I
> will reimburse you" or have it invoiced and when the kit is returned I
> pay for it. But will the labs do that?
> Susan J.

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