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Subject: Re: [DNA] Getting participants for DNA Tests...
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 19:10:40 EST

Hello, all....I am just old enough that I recall two World War eras....albeit
I was a child during these wars!! Folks in our neighborhood (even though
"they" were Americans) did not want to appear on the U.S. Census!! I know, it is
very difficult for any of us to imagine such a reaction today...but these
people had seen such instability, and developed a sort of paranoia, for whatever
reason. My father was of German descent (his father had immigrated in the
late 1800s from Germany) and believe me this family did not trust anyone!!!
Especially any government!!

But the thing for us to remember is that each of these individuals has his
boundaries about such things. It is a given (because we are curious souls and
on the DNA genie e-list) that we want to go full speed ahead and share our
excitement and our information with all interested communities. But not so with
folks that have had intrusions of some sort or another into their lives.

As I have said before on this list, I just let things come naturally.
Actually, very few people are even interested in genealogy, let alone DNA!!!

I have been in some "out of the way" LDS libraries where the "on staff"
librarians there did not know anything about the DNA testing!! So, there you go as
to geographic location, etc. etc., and education by their superiors. People
have to be educated in some way that they trust fully.

Good fortune to all,
Barb By.

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