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Subject: RE: [DNA] Pay for others' DNA tests
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 18:02:27 -0800
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Here's what I tell people with objections to taking the DNA test who
"I'd also like confirmation that this information is NOT going into any
general DNA research bank. Not that I have anything against medical
research as such but I would like to decide what I donate to whom."

Our DNA Project responds:
"There are several parts to your question.
1) There is no medical research being done using your DNA
2) If your objection is submitting blood... there is NO BLOOD just
saliva. All we need is for you is to firmly rub a swab against the
inside of your mouth. The test kit is sent to your home. You don't go
to a doctor's office.
3) If your objection is invasion of privacy, the DNA we look at is
"junk" DNA. MOST DNA ENCODES NOTHING. We use this "junk" DNA that
encodes nothing. We are looking at the "molecular length" of segments
on the DNA that connect the DNA chain together. The test results are
just a set of 25, otherwise meaningless, numbers. We look to see if the
25 numbers match other lineages. We aren't looking at hair color or
propensity to inheritable diseases or creating a fingerprint. This is
not the DNA test the police use to figure out if people were at the
scene of a crime. We are trying to get a sample of the "junk" DNA
pattern that has remain unchanged for a thousand years to help sort out
your and our ancestors. It is literally a duplicate sample the DNA
pattern of a male lineage person who lived before you. It is your
father's pattern, your grandfather's pattern, your
gggggggg-grandfather's pattern of a thousand years ago. Each male of
their lineage had the same pattern. If you take your DNA to your grave,
the pattern of your lineage may be lost forever.
5) The Childress-Childers DNA Project is my effort (me and my brother
Mark) to study the surnames. We will publish the results on paper at
some point and will preserve these records into the distant
future....for example, we will donate the results in book form to
genealogical libraries. We want the results preserved for a thousand
years or longer. In future centuries, your descendants or others who
connect to your ancestors may come looking for these DNA details. So
your name and the name of your known ancestors will be attached to your
DNA results. DNA results, to be useful, must be associated with some
lineage that can be verifiably documented.
6)Family Tree DNA ( does create a data base of all
their names. They ask that you sign a "waiver" so they can add your
name to the data base and share your results with other.... different
surnamed... individuals. For example, your DNA will be compared to other
surname projects to see if you match with a John Doe or John Smith
family, if you sign the waiver. The waiver, is not part of the
Childress-Childers DNA Study...the waiver is part of Family Tree DNA's
effort to share their database of names and results. You don't have to
sign the waiver, to take the Childress-Childers DNA test. Signing the
waiver just gives you the maximum amount of information. If you sign
the waiver, your name and e-mail address with be given to anybody who
matches your DNA and vice will receive the e-mail address
of people who you match.
6) Even if you don't sign the waiver, the Childress-Childers DNA Project
(me and brother Mark) still will publish the results with enough
information about you (your ancestor's names, and your name and address,
so that others who are researching the same lineage, even a hundred
years from now, have some ability to link their research to your branch
of the family tree. You can option not to have your name published or
posted by me on the web site if you so declare, also. It all depends on
how much you want to help other researchers or your descendants or
related kin figure out your branch of ancestors.

So you have 2 decisions regarding the test...
A) signing the waiver to let Family Tree DNA connect you to others...and

B) The Childress-Childers DNA Project, will publish your results, unless
you raise an objection.

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I am just facing the same problem, even with young people. There is a
of fear that such an intimate data will go public as it is usually used
decease discovery, rape affairs etc. Even offering to pay for the test
not work on some people I know well.
Can we say/write that the part of the gene used for genealogy dna
testing is
nolt the same as for sickness researche or criminal affairs or something
that effect?

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