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From: "Gaila & James Merrington" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Getting participants to join and then follow through
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 16:04:02 +1100
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Since at least 50% of the respondents for Genealogy DNA projects are women,
and because as one I have no Y Dna to contribute, I contributed to a
scholarship to complete my involvement. I am really interested in the
outcomes and wanted to make a financial effort. I don't think it should
just be recumbent on the people who are being tested to finance it. I would
like to see a wide range of geographical areas tested to see if there are

I did pay for my husband's Y DNA test, because there are so few Merringtons
and on several different continents, I wanted to see if we start the ball
rolling, others will follow suit. Plus there is the idea of him being a
Viking or a Visgoth or something exotic.
Well we will see what this Y DNA tells us. DNA has certainly surprised me so
far. Sadly its his mother's paternal line that might have the Viking link,
her lines go back to the Shetlands and Lawrence Dalziell, who married into a
line where there were not only Jameson but the women were Jamesdaughter-
including one called Umphray Jamesdaughter. She must have been a Viking

I had a look at the Johnson page today. I was really amazed at how many
diverse lines of Johnson's there were. I thought we would see more clear
cut family lines linking back migration paths to a common point in the US
and then back to the UK and Europe. Ie I thought Southern Johnson would be
only 3-4 lines going back mostly to the UK and midwestern Johnsons would be
3-4 lines, at least one of those going back to Sweden. It seems more like
there were almost as many lines as YDNA submitted. Have you had any YDNA
submitted from the Darling and Hardy Johnson lines?

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