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From: "Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Drumming up Interest & Action
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 08:44:17 -0800
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Have any efforts been made to get professional genealogists on board through
their associations, etc? These are the people with credentials that can
help lend credibility to DNA testing for those in doubt or who won't try
something new on their own.

Raymond Coon

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Subject: [DNA] Drumming up Interest & Action

> I formed a DNA group for my family DNA project at yahoogroups. Only a
third of the members have submitted tests. But at least I can try to keep
motivating them. To join, I can send them an invitation or they can email
. They have to create a yahoo ID, but
they don't have to use it; can receive email thru their regular server.
However, if anyone wants to chat, they can do so through yahoo's chat. Now
and then I send an invitation to those I know are interested but haven't
joined yet. My goodness! The whole world needs prodding!
> There is a "files" section where we can submit our GEDCOMS. Also there is
a "photo" section where we can submit pics of males to see if they look
alike. Also it has archives. Also it has a polls section.
> I have two polls going right now. A black person is interested in joining
and I thought it would be fun for her brother to be able to tell his
friends, "I'm Welsh." But to make sure no one caused her any trouble, I ran
a poll re. this with the multiple-choice answer being 1. I wouldn't mind.
2. I find it fascinating. 3. I would drop out immediately. So far half
voted for 1 and half for 2. (They remain anonymous, by the way.)
> My other poll is this: "I have not submitted a DNA test yet because...."
> I just cannot afford it. 0 0.00% I don't know a living male cousin with
the Maddox name. 1 16.67% I know of a possible living male cousin, but am
afraid he'll make fun of me. 0 0.00% I know a possible living male cousin,
but don't have time to write or call. 1 16.67% I, my husb/bro/cousin
doesn't have time to take the test. 0 0.00% I'm interested in other peoples'
results only. 0 0.00% I'm interested in DNA but never intended to
participate. 0 0.00% I know a Maddox cousin/brother/husband, but he just
doesn't want to do the test. 0 0.00% I'm afraid the results will not remain
private. 0 0.00% I don't know enough about DNA yet. 0 0.00% I don't know
enough about my genealogy yet. 0 0.00% Other 4 66.67%
> I am quite frustrated because I have no idea what "other" is referring to.
Since their answers are anonymous, I sent out a message to our group asking
that those who answered "other" would mind telling me what "other" meant to
them. No replies.
> Anyway, I am quite pleased with what yahoo offers for families.
> Katheryn
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