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From: "Jeanne Arguelles" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Drumming up Interest & Action
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 12:25:04 -0600
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Yes, I've had a couple people voice concerns about not matching who they're
supposed to match. One lady is worried that it would prove her research
wrong, and embarrass her in front of her fellow genealogists. Another guy
is worried about his family's reaction if the results suggest an
"extramarital event" (but he has joined the study anyway).

Another person is concerned that DNA testing will "replace" traditional
research and/or cause people to jump to incorrect conclusions (eg, assuming
that two men were brothers, when really the mrca was much earlier). But she
says that she does plan to have a relative tested.

Another observation: the people who have asked the most questions and
appear to be really interested have still not joined our surname study. The
guys who have actually been tested have just done it without a lot of


> Katheryn, here are some possibilities for "other" that you might not have
> thought of.
> Perhaps there is family gossip that the candidates father wasn't really
> father...and they really don't want to know the answer to that. The same
> possiblity exists for previous generations. There is an emotional side to
> of the possibilities for outlying results that people may not wish to risk
> entering into. Of course these are not the things that they like to
discuss with
> strangers who have an interest in their family tree.
> It is an age old problem for genealogists.
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