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From: "Lowe DNA" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Haplogroup I
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 12:54:51 -0600
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The are many sub-haplogroups of I....and for me this research that I
reviewed earlier was enlightening but much to generalized.....

I would like to review detailed research that identifies, and separates, the
various I (or Hg2) sub-groups by country and/or region regions across the
entire European continent that is based on science (instead of invasions or
periods of historical conquests)........

There alot of us "I's" out here who don't know if we are from Norway or
Algeria...regardless of these generalized clinal percentages numbers from 59
to 3 percent....


"The percentage of haplogroup I (HG2) was clinal, with the highest
percentage (59%) in the Gotlanders of Sweden in the Northeast, decreasing to
3% in the Algerian population in the Southwest. Even in a population such as
Georgian !
from the Southern Caucasus area of Russia, the percentage was 48."

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