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Subject: Re: [DNA] Drumming up Interest & Action
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 13:16:02 -0600
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Hypothetically, maybe the OTHER stands for the following.

1. The names might have been out of a book, of someone else's research, and
they need to research those findings, with a paper trail, unless they are
copy cats and just want to build up names for their genealogy file. Are you
thinking about how many generations back that these people have to go to
find living males? AE, how many generations removed are these males from
the people you are trying to help? Research takes a lot of time, and money
to do the paper trail.

2. Maybe they can't research, as they'd like, 100 % of the time, because of
illness, children, jobs, and just life, so it may take months, or even years
to get that research done. It may be years down the road, before they feel
able to contact these people and maybe they won't contact them, until they
are positive they are their cousins!

3. Also, it more than likely can be the money it costs, or not. But, that
may not be the problem.

DNA research is a wonderful tool, if we don't try to rush and end up getting
false information and test results from poorly researched paper trails!
That is what is holding me and my cousin up on our DNA research.

My question to you on this is, how many people that are in your project, who
still carry the surname have had the test conducted on themselves, siblings
or first cousins? Are they also standing in the background, or have they
been tested? If they haven't, maybe they are the ones that needs more
prodding, other than the people that need to do all the work digging??

Denise in MO

>I formed a DNA group for my family DNA project at yahoogroups. Only a
third of the members have submitted tests.

>My other poll is this: "I have not submitted a DNA test yet because...."
Other 4 66.67%

>I am quite frustrated because I have no idea what "other" is referring to.
Since their answers are anonymous, I sent out a message to our group asking
that those who answered "other" would mind telling me what "other" meant to
them. No replies.

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