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Subject: Re: [DNA] Value of mtdna
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 06:46:51 +1100
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No it wouldn't help for a Smith project - ie I have 15 cousins on my
paternal side and between us we would have 5 different sources of MTdna.

Where MTDNA is potentially helpful, we have two Wilder brothers, c 1810, one
married a Goodwin and the other a Goodin. Since so many siblings married
siblings, if I could find a Goodwin descendant, we could see if these two
sister-in-laws were also sisters.

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Subject: [DNA] Value of mtdna

> Can mtdna help match individual families at all, or can it only match
> haplogroups? I know that it traces the maternal line, but can it match
one female
> from, say, the Smith family of NY to the Smith family of WV?
> It's just so frustrating that so many women want to contribute dna to the
> surname project, to help find a common ancestor or prove that two families
> the same surname are related, but the mtdna is so limited in usefulness.
And so
> many men have no desire to help the project.
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